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Most people I know don't know when they can retire. They have dreams of when they want to retire. Or they assume retirement comes at 65 regardless of their efforts towards it... Well, here you go. Now you can know for yourself what your actions today will mean for your future self.

The Federal Reserve uses monetary policy to achieve its target rate of 2% inflation. But most people use 3% to be safe.

"return" is your return on investment. You can use the Simulator on the other tab to double check, but I like to keep it at 8% because that's pretty constant

The rest of the yellow spaces are for you to fill in! There are a ton of random cells of data in this sheet that dont matter. So I grouped the cells from Column J to Column AQ. No need to analyze that data!

How To Copy/Download

To Copy, got to the Google Sheets, Log into Google, and select File > Make A Copy.
If you don't have a Google Account, go to the Google Sheets and select File > Download > Excel