Mortgage Calculator

Here's what it looks like 
Click here for the Mortgage Amortization Calculator


The sheet starts our with a quick look at what impact your credit score has on the interest rate you'll get when buying a home. These numbers are changing constantly, but the general idea I'm trying to show is that it's worth it to put a little bit of effort into improving your credit score. Check out the Credit Card Sheet or this blog post to hear more about that.

For the Amortization Calculator, punch in your numbers where there are yellow cells, and you should be able to quickly see if it's better to buy or rent in your area. It also factors in how long you should live there before selling!

Ps. It's not totally finished. I mean, it is... but there are more factors I could add like rental income, tax benefits to owning a home, and also the emotional cost of renting long term vs having a place to call home :) It also doesn't include moving costs (for renters), or repairs/maintenance on a home.

How To Copy/Download

To Copy, got to the Google Sheets, Log into Google, and select File > Make A Copy.
If you don't have a Google Account, go to the Google Sheets and select File > Download > Excel