Monthly Spending Budget

Here's what it looks like 
Click here for the Monthly Spending Budget sheet

Step 1: Join our facebook group so we can continue the conversation! (currently not very active, so only if you want future updates!)

Step 2: Click the link above, log into a Google account, and make a copy! I do update this frequently, so check the facebook page & your email for updates and you can copy/paste your data to the new sheet :)

Step 3: Watch the intro video to understand my logic behind the layout and value of this sheet.

Step 4: Fill out everything in Column B and C to get a complete snapshot of your monthly spending. Normally, I recommend taking the last 3-6 months of spending and averaging it out.

Step 5: Fill out Column G and H. Make sure the formulas all make sense. You should only need to edit Monthly Salary and Taxes. The 20% contingency is a buffer on spending in case some months you go over or under.

Step 6: Look at the amount you want to save and invest per month. Either use nice round numbers that feel good to you, or use the calculator at the bottom to make better guesses!

Step 7: Move to Column L, M, N and O to understand how you would like to automate your money. I get paid on the 1st and 15th, so I gave savings/investments go out on the 2nd or 3rd, and credit card payments scheduled to autopay on the 17th or 18th :)

And lastly, explore the rest of the sheet! And share with any friends you think would benefit from this! I am considering Money Coaching for anyone looking for more help yet. Not sure yet! But reach out if you're interested and we can chat :)

How To Copy/Download

To Copy, got to the Google Sheets, Log into Google, and select File > Make A Copy.
If you don't have a Google Account, go to the Google Sheets and select File > Download > Excel