4 Apps To Help You Crush Life

(originally posted on Medium, January 19th, 2017)

Why Should You Care?

As an entrepreneur, I have a busy day with meetings, calls, customer service and managing sales. Managing the business financials take priority, and with so much to juggle, these 4 apps have become essential in managing my personal finances.

Why? I love setting up a system once and letting it do it's thing :) And if you want to fly free, get the perks, and crush it at life, read this post!

Prosper Daily (discontinued)

My favorite app that I use every day is Prosper Daily. This app allows you to compile, streamline, and track all your data on how much you owe, how much cash are in your accounts, and your credit score. I have all my credit cards synced up, swipe left or right depending on if I approve the charge or not.

I take this data, export it to excel, and understand what my month expenses are — which helps me budget for the future / understand how much I need to make to maintain my lifestyle


Second would be Mint, a lot of people know about it, but it’s still a really nice way to compile everything. I have my student loans in there, my car (as an asset), my investment portfolio, and all of my checking/savings/credit cards. It gives you a holistic view of everything that you have in your accounts — your assets, liabilities and everything else. For a college student, this allows you to understand how much owe, your monthly payments, and your net worth. So combine Mint and Prosper Daily!


Another app that a lot of people know about is Venmo. I highly recommended if you’re just getting into college. Venmo is a really quick and easy way to pay friends and get paid.

– Just type in the name, how much it is, and either request or pay. There are other apps out there like Cash, but I prefer Venmo because you can use Siri with it. For example, you can say, “Hey Siri, pay my friend *name* eight dollars for pizza” all without having to open your phone. It is also more widely used.


The fourth is app I recommend downloading is Robinhood. Robinhood is a really quick and easy way to buy and sell stocks and ETF's with no fees. The reason I recommend this is not so you go day trade stocks, but to give you an idea of the market, owning stocks, and investing into a portfolio (not just one thing).

Final Thoughts

I hope you find value in this!

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